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Emem Obot (1996) aka cunty meme is a multidisciplinary artist and model born in Brooklyn, NY and raised on the South Side of Chicago. As a poet, singer/ songwriter, and pianist, they seek to create art that empowers and uplifts the power of the people.

Havana, Cuba based

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ExXxotic The Mental Shawty

Born Sept 13, Bronx NYC Native. The Mistress and The Domina of Trap music. Ready to set the world on fire and have the people on their knees.

LA based

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Kennedy is an eclectic artist from Memphis, TN.

“I think for people to understand me they’d have to know that I owe everything I am to my mother who always reminded me that I’m one of a kind and that no one on this earth can replace or take my originality away from me. That’s each and everyone of our’s superpower.”

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