Live Review: Lost Kings in LA

Last week I went to see the Lost Kings perform a live set at the El Rey in Los Angeles. It was a sold out show, and one of the first shows on their nation-wide tour. I haven’t been to many EDM concerts (besides Moonrise two years ago, which was way too fun) but I was really excited to see this set!

The night began with two openers who played mostly remixed top 40 and underground songs. The crowd was light in the beginning, but when the second opener Kream hit the stage, the bottom floor area was nearly full. There were a few head bangers in the crowd, but it seemed that most people were saving their energy for the Lost King’s notably energetic sets.

The enigmatic duo hit the stage around 10:30, and the crowd erupted. The entire floor and balcony seemed to come alive as they opened, coming out to stage coinciding with Technicolor visuals on the screen behind them. They took turns spinning and hyping up the crowd, doing high jumps and going directly to the crowd to engage the audience and get us all hyped! What had started as a chill El Rey was suddenly filled with electric energy!

With a nod to their hometown of LA, they brought out a few special guests to sing their hits with them. Loren, of their new anthem “Anti-Everything” came out to sing the bop live. They also brought out another crowd-capturing duo, Social House, to sing their new hit, Don’t Kill My high, which also features Wiz Khalifa. They two duos engaged the crowd and had the whole club lit for hours. We never wanted the night to end! The Lost Kings closed the electric night by meeting with friends and fans at the merch table. Overall, it was an incredible show filled with dope visuals, bright lights, and lots of head-banging!

article by: olivia shalhoup

photo by: ben yung