Why I Chose Tidal and Only Tidal

Why I Chose to Switch to Tidal and Only Tidal

By Olivia Shalhoup

As an avid music listener, someone who works in the industry, and manages artists accounts, I made the decision today to delete my Spotify and Apple Music subscriptions and dedicate both my personal listening and my businesses playlists to Tidal only. Here’s why:

1.     Black-owned, Artist-owned

We merily merily eatin’ off these streams

Tidal is the only Black-owned streaming app. Supporting Black and Brown businesses was one of my resolutions for 2019, and as someone so heavily involved in the music industry, this is one of the biggest ways I could do that.

Artist-owned: I made my own waves, now they anti-Tidal

Owned by Jay-Z and invested in by Rihanna, Tidal is made by some of the most influential and invested people in the music industry.


2.     Respect for creators

If anybody getting handsome checks, it should be us

As you may have heard, Spotify is currently suing songwriters in response to them asking to be paid their fair share of royalties. I only want my money (and streams) going towards platforms that respect the creators who allow these platforms the exist (and profit!)



3.     The HIGHEST paying streaming service

What’s better than one billionaire?

Tidal pays its artists by 184 streams to a dollar. This rate is almost double that of the second-highest paying service, Apple Music. Tidal remains committed to paying its artists the highest rate of all streaming services, making it a game changer for independent musicians everywhere.



4.     CONTENT (aka Beyoncé)

My wife Beyoncé, I brag different

The most compelling reason I can think of, if the previous moral arguments didn’t sway you, Beyoncé is now exclusively on TIDAL! You really want a streaming service that doesn’t carry Lemonade, the masterpiece of our generation?! Not to mention to the iconic Bey x Nicki collab video, Feelin’ Myself. If you love good content and the world’s greatest living entertainer, then Tidal is your best bet.